My mission as a designer is always to tell a story, with a strong sense of place and an authenticity to its surroundings and inhabitants.  I’ve always wanted to design a Garden Follie, which historically have no purpose other than fanciful intrigue and lavish beauty.  With Warner Brother’s on board and carte blanche to their vast inventory and resources, it was the perfect time!!  My first bit of inspiration was a massive set of over scale antique ropes and tassels!!  Passementerie!!  I used famous European garden follies as precedents, but wanted to make them edgy and uniquely Californian, with all the glamour of a movie star and a nod to my favorite Spanish Colonial architecture.  I love California so much, I had to give the Garden Follies a California twist so I’m thrilled to share a preview of my “California Beach Cabana Follies” with you.  

The Cabanas served as the ConvoXDesign Green Room at WestEdge Design Fair 2017 and where Josh Cooperman conducted interviews, using green screen technology built into the cabanas to display the projects of his guests in post production.